Martyr's Fire

Martyr's Fire, Merlin's Immortals Series #3

Martyr’s Fire
Sigmund Brouwer

It’s almost a little funny how I’ve managed to read all three books in this series. When I first picked up The Orphan King, it was on a whim, and I wasn’t really planning to read the rest of the series. But each of these books managed to be available at just the right time for me to have access to them, and by now I suppose I should finish out the series!

The whole idea that Thomas doesn’t know who is on his team and who isn’t- and so not being willing to trust anyone- kind of drives me up the wall. As the reader, I know that a certain character is a good guy, so I keep wanting to pull out my hair screeching, “Stop fighting this person! They’re okay!” Of course, I know that this isn’t Thomas’s fault. After all, he doesn’t get to see inside other people’s minds the way the reader does. Oh, and did I mention Robin Hood made a cameo appearance in this novel? Bonus points there ;)

However, one thing that I’ve noticed about all three of the Merlin’s Immortals Series books is that it takes me a really long time to become interested in the story. I finally start to really get into it, and then two or three chapters later, the book’s over and I have to wait another year for the next one…and by that time I’ve forgotten what made me so interested in the first place. That’s rather a vicious trap for a novel, I’ve afraid. So, really, I’d probably recommend waiting until all the books in the series are out before reading them (they’re very short novels, too- only a little over 200 pages).

Rating: 6 ½

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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