Every Waking Moment

Every Waking Moment

Every Waking Moment
Chris Fabry
Tyndale House

Treha Langsam is a mysterious young woman who has fallen through the cracks, much like many of the elderly people she works with at Desert Gardens Retirement Home. But Miriam Howard, director of the facility, sees her extraordinary gift and untapped potential. Treha is a whisperer of sorts, calling those who have slipped into dementia back to a life of vibrant, if only temporary, clarity.
When Treha's and Miriam's stories intertwine with a documentary team looking for stories of the elderly, Treha's gift is uncovered, and the search begins for answers to the mysteries of her past. As their paths converge, each person is forced to face the same difficult question: What if this is as good as my life gets?

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to read and review some more contemporary fiction. I’ve read so many pieces of historical fiction that they’re all starting to seem the same to me, so I’ve been shaking up my reading “diet” with some other genres. I figure that that way, not only do I expose myself to other types of stories, but I’ll get more enjoyment out of the historical novels that I do read. I chose this book because I had read something not that long ago by Chris Fabry (June Bug) and liked it. Every Waking Moment, for that reason, easily suggested itself as my next contemporary pick.

I freely admit that I’m more of an adventure/romance/mystery type of girl, and Every Waking Moment (aside from a little bit of mystery) doesn’t have too much of that. But that doesn’t mean that I disliked it. It did take me a few chapters to become interested in the story; and while I think I enjoyed it overall, it did have a few flaws. Because it was about several characters at once, I didn’t really get to dive into each character’s backstory (well, except Treha’s) I didn’t really feel like I ever got to know each character’s personality very well; it was hard for many of the characters to really stand out in my mind- although I did like many of the residents of the Senior Center! I also really liked Du’Relle, and I especially loved that Treha called him Gavroche ;)

However, I was again impressed with Chris Fabry’s writing, because he took a plotline that I wouldn’t have otherwise have been interested in and kept my attention captured throughout the whole thing. This isn’t one of my all-time favorite books, but that’s simply due to my personal taste rather than the quality of the book, and it’s why Every Waking Moment is getting an eight out of ten.

Rating: 8

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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