Grace Livingston Hill

When I first made the leap from the children’s section to the adult section of our pervious church’s library, Grace Livingston Hill was one of the first authors that I tried. Her stories were a sweet, clean breath of fresh air. Even though they can be (for lack of a better word) a bit sappy, there is something very pure about them, and I love the old-fashioned way they are written. I’ve read dozens of her books, but I don’t think I’d ever picked up Kerry, so when I saw it available on netgalley, being re-released from Barbour Publishing, it was an easy choice for me.

It’s been at least a couple of years since I’ve read any of Grace Livingston Hill’s books, so I was wondering if they were as good as I had remembered. The thing about her novels is that they never pretend to be anything they aren’t: they’re just sweet stories with a very strong message about Christ. Somehow, Grace Livingston Hill manages to include a strong Gospel message in her books without coming off as overly preachy, which is quite a feat, if you ask me!

Though Kerry isn’t my favorite of her books, I did enjoy it, although it took me several chapters to really get into it. I HATED Kerry’s mother and stepfather. Sam Morgan with his sleazy twenties-lingo and Isobel with her tears and selfishness were pills, let me tell you. Although they were nothing to Henry Dawson. What a snake! The characters did seem to be either “good” or “bad.” There wasn’t really any in-between. They were all very straightforward.

There was one bit where Graham was explaining creation and though most of what he said was good, there was something that didn’t sound quite accurate to me, but I’m not sure if I correctly understood what he was saying. However, for being written so very long ago, the issues they spoke of are remarkably relevant! This version of the story has been “lightly updated” and I’m not sure what that means. Since I hadn’t read Kerry before, I’m not sure what they changed (for all I know, they might have done nothing but updated the spellings of a few words or something)

Rating: 7

I received this book for free from netgalley in exchange for my honest review.


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