The Missing Series

"The Missing" Series
Margaret Peterson Haddix

I don’t normally do reviews on an entire series rather than an individual book, but since I’ve read three of The Missing books already, and they are moderately short, I decided to go ahead and do so here.

Here's a synopsis I found on Wikipedia. It's not the best write-up ever, but oh well.

Thirteen-year-old Jonah has always known that he was adopted, and he has never thought it was a big deal, until he begins receiving strange messages. Jonah, his sister Katherine and his friend Chip realize that Jonah and Chip are important missing children from history who were transported to the twenty first century by baby smuggling time travelers. Unknowingly, they are lured into a cave with all but one of the other 36 missing children by the baby smugglers themselves. After they have defeated them, another time traveler from the future decides to send Chip and another boy, Alex back to the 1480s, where they are really princes of England. Jonah and Katherine accidentally were taken along for the trip as well, and now it is up to them to save their friends and return to the twenty first century.

Our library only has books 2,3, and 4, so I actually (gasp!) skipped book 1. Though I still wish I could have read it, I did get enough backstory in book 2 to understand what was going on. Books 2 (Sent) & 3 (Sabotaged) were probably my favorites- though 4 (Torn) was okay, it just wasn’t as fast-paced or interesting as the others.

The Missing is an exciting, fun series, and I’m looking forward to reading the other books!

Objectionable content: In book two, there are a couple words that are not exactly “bad” words, but what I would call rude words and not some I would repeat. In the series there are also a few mild  cases of “girl-boy” middle-schooler nonsense.

Rating: 8 (Sent and Sabotaged); 7 (Torn)


  1. Mmmm. The cover and synopsis look fascinating! I may just have to check these out...


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