Stitched With Love

Stitched With Love
Various Authors

I’ve read many, many Heartsong Presents books over the years, as well as my fair share of Barbour’s special editions where they combine several of those novellas into one volume. Stitches in Love, however, didn’t really hold my interest- in fact, I only made it about halfway through the book before I just decided to stop because I wasn’t interested. Now this reflects a little worse on the book than it really means; since it does have nine stories in all, I read four entire ones. I was at a stopping point- it’s not as though I was in the middle of a story and stopped. Still, the first four novellas just weren’t interesting enough for me to commit reading the rest of them.

Though they were clean, short, and a pretty good before-bedtime story, they just didn’t interest me much. Most of the stories were completely forgettable.

Rating: 4

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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