To Follow Her Heart


To Follow Her Heart
Rebecca DiMarino

A Satisfying, Emotionally Rich Conclusion to The Southold Chronicles Series

It is 1664 and Patience Terry is devastated to learn that Captain Jeremy Horton's ship has been shipwrecked off the coast of Barbados, with no survivors. She had hoped that Jeremy would someday give up the sea and settle down with her in Southold, Long Island.

Unaware his memorial service is being planned, Jeremy is rescued and aboard a British Naval Gunship with secret orders to attack New Amsterdam and claim it for the British Crown. When he makes his surprise return to Southold--and to an overjoyed Patience--it's not the happily-ever-after his beloved had hoped for.

With a finely tuned sense for authentic historical characters and settings, Rebecca DeMarino plunges readers into the 17th century--a world of high seas and tall ships, daring journeys and yearning hearts.

     Despite the fact that I found this author's previous book less than engaging, I wanted to finish this series. The first book in the Southold Chronicles (A Place in His Heart) wasn't bad, and since Patience and Jeremy are two characters that I remember finding the most interesting, I decided to give To Follow Her Heart a chance.

     I did like this novel better than To Capture Her Heart, mostly because the main protagonists were characters I'd already been introduced to, so I was interested in them. However, overall, this book still retained much of the tediousness and stilted writing that plagued the previous two books. Again, skimming through/skipping was involved simply because I couldn't get into the story. As an amateur genealogist, I really appreciate what the author was attempting to do with this series, and she's given attention to a sadly neglected time period. Unfortunately, I feel like the storytelling still needs a lot of work.

Rating: 5

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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