A Jewish Baker's Pastry Secrets


A Jewish Baker's Pastry Secrets
George Greenstein with Elaine Greenstein, Julia Greenstein, and Isaac Bleicher
10 Speed Press

Ah, pastry. Just the word makes me grin. I can never pass up a good pastry (especially if generous amounts of icing are involved) so I was quick to swoop up this book.

A Jewish Baker's Pastry Secrets is chock full of classic recipes, both familiar and delightfully ethnic (many familiar to my own heritage). I'm especially keen on trying the babka recipes (that chocolate one sounds delicious) and I have a feeling this cookbook is going to get very used around the holiday seasons.

My only disappointment is the complete lack of pictures. I'm no stranger to photo-less cookbooks, as the family cookbook supply has a many of them. But photos are one modern cookbook staple that I'm fond of and find to be hugely helpful. however, aside from that, I think I'm really going to enjoy using this cookbook.

Rating: 8

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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