Knitting Reimagined


Knitting Reimagined
Nicky Epstein
Potter Craft

I'll confess: I am not the best knitter. Not in a million years. I've not finished anything more challenging than a scarf, and I once started a hat that became a horrific mess. Still, the sweater on the front of this book was so adorable that I had to check out this book.

This book really had some beautiful designs.  Some of my favorites were the "Renaissance Castle Tunic,""Je ne Sais Quoi Cape," "Royal Lace Coat With Hood,""Quintessential Cable Pullover," "Buttons and Bows Manteau," and of course, the "Fair Isle Sweater" on the front of the book. However, even though i love many of the designs and gladly wear them, I really don't think my knitting skills are up to par....but I would definitely shove this book in an expert knitter's hands and ask them to PLEASE make me something!

Rating: 8

I received this book for free from in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Ooh, I love the jumper on the front - so unique:)
    My grandma was a seamstress and now knits a lot seen as she is retired. I'd love to learn from her sometime!


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