Prairie Song

Prairie Song, Hearts Seeking Home Series #1   -     
        By: Mona Hodgson

Prairie Song
Mona Hodgson
Waterbrook Multnomah

For some reason I really liked the cover of this book. I’m not sure why, because it isn’t really original, but it just gave a pleasant home-y feeling and a bit of nostalgia. I was hoping that this novel would remind me of my Oregon Trail-playing days.

As it was…I’m going to have to say something about this book that I think is nearly the worst thing that can be said: it was boring. It was a real struggle for me to connect to this book. Every part of the plot just seemed rather like it had been done before, and I didn’t find it interesting. I did like how it was about several different couples/families on the trail, but even that could be a problem, as sometimes it was hard to remember who was who.

Overall, I think this book is skippable, unless you’re one who absolutely loves western fiction and would like to try it.

Rating: 5


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