With Every Letter

With Every Letter
Sarah Sundin

I don’t read a lot of books that take place past the early 1900s, so for me to read a book with a setting any time later than that, it has to be really spectacular. Having read Sarah Sundin’s previous series, I knew that she has a great writing style and, if possible, even better characters. The only thing I don’t really care for about her books it that they are a little romancy for my taste. However, since I knew that With Every Letter is a romance where the characters get to know each other through letters, I figured there couldn’t be too much mushiness involved! J
I did really enjoy this book. Although A Distant Melody is probably my favorite of Mrs. Sundin’s books, With Every Letter is a close second. The romance was sweet (although in the second half I was ready to shake Mellie by the shoulders and shriek “TELL HIM!! TELL HIM WHO YOU ARE!!!”)
Both characters deal with realistic problems that aren’t a lot of times addressed in novels- that is one thing I love about Sarah Sundin’s book’s- they always have a lesson to teach, told in a very accessible (and enjoyable!) way.

Rating: 10

Objectionable content: there are a few kisses at the end; one girl is a known flirt who talks about her many boyfriends. Also, because the story takes place during World War II, there are plenty of (non-graphic) injuries that Mellie and the other flight nurses take care of.


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