Reclaiming Shilo Snow


Reclaiming Shilo Snow
Mary Weber
Thomas Nelson

Trapped on the ice-planet of Delon, gamer girl Sofi and Ambassador Miguel have discovered that nothing is what it seems, including their friends. On a quest to rescue her brother, Shilo, a boy everyone believes is dead, they must now escape and warn Earth of Delon’s designs on humanity. Except the more they unearth of the planet and Sofi’s past, the more they feel themselves unraveling, as each new revelation has Sofi questioning the very existence of reality.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Sofi’s mom, Inola, is battling a different kind of unraveling: a political one that could cost lives, positions, and a barely-rebuilt society, should they discover the deal made with the Delonese.

But there’s a secret deeper than all that. One locked away inside Sofi and ticking away with the beginnings, endings, and answers to everything. Including how to save humanity.

     I hate having to wait for the next book in a series- besides being impatient, I often find it difficult to remember everything that happened in the previous book when I have to wait a year to continue the story. This happened with Reclaiming Shilo Snow, so I admit it took me a couple chapters to get into its groove, and I even looked back over my review of the first book to jog my memory a little bit.

     Overall, I think I liked this book better than the first. This is because the characters seemed more distinct and real to me in this one. I especially found the chapters from Sofi and Shilo's mom interesting. That perspective is not one you often find in a YA novel, and I really liked it. There's also a strong theme about the horror of human trafficking, and this book tackles issues that are hard to read about but done in such a way that I didn't find needlessly distasteful or used for "shock value." I can tell this is an issue close to the author's heart.

     I did find parts of this novel a bit confusing. Some of this confusion was ironed out the more I read, but it did put a little distance between me and the story. It's definitely a unique novel, and one I think a lot of readers will enjoy, especially for fans of books like Marie Lu's Warcross.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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