NIV Journal the Word Bible

NIV Journal the Word Bible

     I had been admiring the journaling Bibles in my local Books-A-Million not that long ago, and I thought the idea was neat. It seemed like a worthwhile keepsake, not only to remind you of what God has done throughout your life, but also for maybe your children and grandchildren to one day see. This edition has a lovely cover and is well-made, even if the NIV isn't my preferred translation (but it was the only one available for review, so that was that- although there are other versions available if you want). Also, I wish there wasn't any wording on the side or that it simply said "Holy Bible:" the "NIV Journal the Word" logo seems a little commercial for my taste. However, the inside is great, although the print is small. There are  lines for writing, but they are faint enough so that you could draw of doodle along the sides if you wanted to, as well.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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