A Flight of Arrows


A Flight of Arrows
Lori Benton

It is said that what a man sows he will reap--and for such a harvest there is no set season. No one connected to Reginald Aubrey is untouched by the crime he committed twenty years ago.

Not William, the Oneida child Reginald stole and raised as his own. Identity shattered, enlisted in the British army, William trains with Loyalist refugees eager to annihilate the rebels who forced them into exile. Coming to terms with who and what he is proves impossible, but if he breaks his Loyalist oath, he'll be no better than the man who constructed his life of lies.

Not Anna, Reginald's adopted daughter, nor Two Hawks, William's twin, both who long for Reginald to accept their love despite the challenges they will face, building a marriage that bridges two cultures.

Not Good Voice and Stone Thrower, freed of bitterness by a courageous act of forgiveness, but still yearning for their firstborn son and fearful for the future of their Oneida people.

As the British prepare to attack frontier New York and Patriot regiments rally to defend it, two families separated by culture, united by love, will do all in their power to reclaim the son marching toward them in the ranks of their enemies.

     A beautiful novel filled with mercy and forgiveness, A Flight of Arrows is probably one of the best Christian books that I've read this year. Perhaps this is because it's difficult for hard-hearted me to actually be emotionally impacted by a book. But this one certainly succeeded where others have failed. It's rich with history and flawed but sympathetic characters who are able to overcome their pasts through the grace of God.

     The feel of this book reminds me of Last of the Mohicans, with all of the turmoil contained within-- only A Flight of Arrows has a strong, moving Christian theme. I recommend reading the first book in this series since, as the author has said, this duology is really one story that happens to be broken into two books. Due to some romance and mature themes I'd recommend this one to older readers, but even so, this is a stellar work from a talented author.

Rating: 9

I received this book for free from bloggingforbooks.com in exchange for my honest review.


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