Sincerely Yours


Sincerely Yours
Laurie Alice Eakes, Ann Shorey, Amanda Cabot and Jane Kirkpatrick.

From my earlier rant on novellas you’d think I’d stay away from them…alas, I can be somewhat of a hypocrite at times. But it’s not novellas or short stories themselves I have a problem with; it’s just that if they’re not done well I get easily annoyed with them. But when I saw this anthology, I was attracted to the lovely cover…and pretty covers are defintely my downfall. Not to mention, after reading some very large, thick classics, I needed an easy read. 

The first story, A Moonlight Promise (by Laurie Alice Eakes) was a whirlwind romance aboard a riverboat-neither my favorite plot nor setting, I'll admit. There was some typical romantic daydreaming that I always get impatient with, and I found it about average in regard to its quality, but it was passable. 

The second, Lessons in Love (by Ann Shorey), was my favorite- instead of being border-line annoyed by the romantic relationship, I actually really enjoyed it! The plotline might have been a bit far-fetched, but it was cute (although there was a lot of deception involved, which I had mixed feelings about). It was sweet, and I liked the characters- and I also loved the fact that unlike the other stories, the hero and heroine knew each other before hand, so it was really the only story where the romance didn't feel rushed. I’d never read anything by Ann Shorey before, but I’d definitely be willing to try some her books now. Out of the four stories, this one would be the only I'd consider re-reading. 

One Little Word (by Amanda Cabot) was the third story; it was about on the same level for me as A Moonlight Promise. I wasn’t a huge fan of the characters’ romantic relationship, but the carousel aspect was fun and interesting.

The last story was A Saving Grace (by Jane Kirkpatrick). Some of the writing near the beginning of the story didn’t quite jive with me and seemed a little awkward; however it evened out over the course of the book. I liked the fact that the main focus of the story wasn’t on romance. Still, this particular story was really stressful for me and lot more serious than the others.The things they were doing in that sanatorium made me so mad!! It was hard for me to get through.

Overall, Sincerely Yours, though not an astonishing piece of literature, was much better than a lot of short story collections that I’ve tried reading. Truthfully, there was really only one story I would say I really liked, but the others weren’t bad.

Individual Ratings: A Moonlight Promise – 5 ½ Lessons in Love- 8 One Little Word– 5 ½ A Saving Grace- 6

Overall Rating: 6 ½

I received this book from in exchange for my honest review. 


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