An Honest Heart

An Honest Heart, Great Exhibition Series #2   -     
        By: Kaye Dacus

An Honest Heart
Kaye Dacus

Set during the Industrial Revolution and the Great Exhibition of 1851, An Honest Heart is a "sitting-room romance" with the feel of a Regency-era novel but the fashions and technological advances of the mid-Victorian age.

Featuring dual romance stories, the main plot involves seamstress Caddy Bainbridge and the choice she must make between two men: one from the aristocracy, the other from the working class. Award-nominated author Kaye Dacus pinpoints the theme of honesty—both men in this love triangle have deep secrets to hide, and Caddy’s choice will be based on which of them can be honest with her.

Courtship . . . cunning . . . candor. Who possesses an honest heart?

One thing that was interesting about this book isn’t that isn’t a sequel to the first book in this series; rather, An Honest Heart takes place during the events of Follow the Heart, just about some of the other characters.

I really loved the heroine’s name, as I recently named one of my own characters Cadence who also had the nickname of Caddy (And here I thought I was being so original!;) I also liked Caddy’s mother; she added a little humor to the story. I wouldn’t describe this book as exciting of exhilarating; however, I still ended up getting involved in the story and characters. In fact, the story got very stressful several times! (although I got a little annoyed for the Doctor about not being completely honest with Caddy…I was quite sure she would understand!) And despite how the book description sounds, it was very clear from the beginning who she would choose; also, this was mainly about Caddy, and unlike Follow the Heart, it wasn't really a "dual" romance. Either way, it was still a nice read.

Rating: 8

I received this book for free from in exchange for my honest review.


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