The Tale of Mally Biddle

The Tale of Mally Biddle
M.L. LeGette

When Mally Biddle agreed to spy upon the King of Lenzar and his overbearing knights she knew she was heading into danger. She didn't know she'd find a family unlike any other.

Posing as a servant in Bosc Castle, Mally serves tea and restocks the fires for the most dangerous men in the kingdom. Her goal is to learn the truth of what happened sixteen years ago, when the infant princess met her death ... a death that has more questions than answers. 

Along her search for the truth, Mally meets the energized Lita Stump, the strict and matriarchal Meriyal Boyd, and the opinionated Archibald Diggleby. Then of course there are the knights: Sir Leon Gibbs who is slicker than a greased hog, Adrian Bayard, hot tempered and violent, and the worst of the lot: Sir Illius Molick, Captain of the Knights. And then there is Maud, a mysterious woman who just might know everything...

I decided to try this book because it seemed like the type of story I would like, yet it was a little different from what I normally pick up to read. Though I quickly figured out the princess’s identity from the very beginning, that didn’t make the rest of the plot less enjoyable. It had a wide variety of characters, and the little hint of romance took a different (but pleasant) direction from the way I had originally thought it would take. (Don’t worry, though: this is NOT in any way a romance book) It did have a scattering of language here and there (the rating gets a little bit of a hit here because of that), but on the whole, it was pretty clean, and despite being called a fantasy, there wasn't any witchcraft or magic (there is a scene with a woman and her Tarot cards, but it's short and they are interrupted before she tells fortunes or anything). The Tale of Mally Biddle, while not being a spectacular piece of YA fiction, was nevertheless entertaining.

Objectionable content. There were a few uses of the word D***m, as well as one or two uses of the word b*****d.

Rating: 7

I received this book for free from in exchange for my honest review.


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