The Unquiet Bones

The Unquiet Bones
Mel Starr

I’m not overly familiar with historical periods before the 1700s. I admit it. So reading a mystery set in fourteenth century England was bound to be educational.
I think that might have been the problem with this book; it was a little too educational. I am really squeamish. As the protagonist is a surgeon, a few of his surgeries were described and I kind of…skipped over them a little. Ironically, from a forensic perspective such things don’t bother me, but make it medical and my stomach flip-flops.
I did enjoy the book; it some ways it really felt like I was reading the memoirs of a real person. That was also the book’s downfall: the writing style wasn’t spectacular. There were rather a lot of simple sentences that actually detracted from the writing style. Though the overall story was interesting, it did drag a few times getting to the conclusion. I also got the second book in the series from the library, and I wouldn't be averse to reading any more of the series.
On the plus, it was educational about medieval England, and I did learn more about the time and culture.
Rating: 7

Objectionable content: medical procedures are described in detail, as are the remains of a body.


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