Palace of Mirrors

Palace of Mirrors
Margaret Peterson Haddix
Simon & Schuster

After reading the author’s prequel to this, Just Ella, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this one. However, I was glad I did, because despite its flaws, it was a MUCH more enjoyable read. First off, the plot was really original, and I liked it. Cecilia lives as a simple peasant girl, but she’s always know that that she’s really the princess: to escape the enemies who murdered her parents, a decoy, Desmia, sits on the throne in wait for Cecilia to take it back. But when she feels she’s been discovered, Cecilia and her best friend Harper embark on a journey to the capital city so she can take her rightful place as princess. However, it seems Desmia has a different version of the story…and isn’t eager to leave what she believes is her rightful place.

The plot really threw me for a loop, because one twist was really unexpected! Even so, once everything started to "click" in my mind, I understood what was going on before the book explained it.

I liked the characters of Palace of Mirrors more than those in Just Ella (Ella herself makes an appearance in this book), so of course that right off made me like this book better. I did feel Palace of Mirrors’ ending was little…hard to believe, although I can’t explain why or it will ruin the book for you! Or rather, it wasn't the ending that was hard to believe, but what the girls decided to do was. I could foresee problems arising in the future about it, anyway.

Anyway, this book wasn't amazing or a new favorite of mine, but I enjoyed it.

Rating: 6


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