Every Perfect Gift

Every Perfect Gift
Dorothy Love
Thomas Nelson

Ethan and Sophie long to share a future together. But the secrets they’re not sharing could tear them apart.
Sophie Caldwell has returned to Hickory Ridge, Tennessee after years away. Despite the heartaches of her childhood, Sophie is determined to make a home, and a name, for herself in the growing town. A gifted writer, she plans to resurrect the local newspaper that so enchanted her as a girl.
Ethan Heyward’s idyllic childhood was shattered by a tragedy he has spent years trying to forget. An accomplished businessman and architect, he has built a majestic resort in the mountains above Hickory Ridge, drawing wealthy tourists from all over the country.
When Sophie interviews Ethan for the paper, he is impressed with her intelligence and astounded by her beauty. She's equally intrigued with him but fears he will reject her if he learns about her shadowed past. Just as she summons the courage to tell him, Ethan’s own past unexpectedly and violently catches up with him, threatening not only his life but their budding romance.
There are some reviews that are just hard to write. Reviews for good books come easily, as I must admit, so do reviews for bad books. But the in-between/nothing-special-but-not-terrible books are perhaps the ones I find the most challenging to write. And Every Perfect Gift was one of those books. Technically, there wasn't anything wrong with it or the author’s actual writing. But it had one deadly flaw for me: I found it boring. The story was very....generic. It seemed like every other Christian Romance out there. The heroine-struggling-to-succeed-in-a-man’s-world, the hero-with-secretive-and-hurting-past is just a too-common occurrence in the genre to really be original. This could have been saved had the rest of the book been amazing, but the characters and the rest of the plot didn't capture my attention really any more than the book’s main premise did. I had to make myself get through the first half of the book, and then it did get my attention and I hoped that I would enjoy the rest. But no, my interest tapered down not long after as the plot settled back into predictability. For that reason, I’m rating Every Perfect Gift a 5 on a scale of 10.

Objectionable Content: There is some (mild) violence, and two or three kisses.

Rating: 5

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review


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