American Patriots

American Patriots
Rick Santorum
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this book, for beyond its title I knew very little about it. However, when I cracked it open and discovered that in the introduction Rick Santorum explains that the real only difference between the American Revolution (resulting in the USA) and the French Revolution (resulting in The Reign of Terror) was that one side used God as its foundation and the other did not, I was pretty much won over. I’m hugely passionate about the differences between the two Revolutions, so to hear someone else say it just made my day.

So what is American Patriots about? Basically, it’s simply a collection of short biographies about the men and women who were the backbone of the founding of our country during the Revolutionary War. I hadn’t heard of very many of them, so this book I found to be filled with fascinating facts about the "regular" people of Colonial America.

I especially enjoyed the chapter on Francis Marion. I live in a town where his praises are sung on every corner (okay, seriously, we have so many things named after him  that if you live in my town and haven't heard of him, you've been living under a rock), so it was interesting to read about the contribution he made to the Cause.

I learned about so many men and women I had sadly never heard of before- Peter Francisco (really enjoyed that one), John Laurens, Emily Geiger, Christopher Ludwick (that one was great, too), and Haym Salomon. There were some more recognizable names, too, like Nathan Hale and Phillis Wheatley.

American Patriots is a short book, but it’s chock-full of information and definitely worthwhile, especially for a history nut like myself!

Rating: 9


  1. Cool! Since you read that book, Do you know any women who lived during the French Revolution who had something to do with France? I need a women to research on for ball I thought you might have some ideas!


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