Scattered Petals

Scattered Petals, Amanda Cabot, 978-0-8007-3325-4
Scattered Petals
Amanda Cabot

Longing for adventure, Priscilla Morton leaves Boston in 1856 and heads for the Texas Hill Country, never dreaming that the adventure she seeks could have heartbreaking consequences. Although attracted to her, ranch foreman Zachary Webster knows Priscilla deserves a cultured East Coast gentleman, not a cowboy who's haunted by memories of his mistakes.

When necessity draws them together, Priscilla and Zach begin to forge a life filled with promise. But then the past intrudes.

Book 2 of the Texas Dreams series, Scattered Petals weaves a tale of drama, love, and second chances as beautiful as the Hill Country itself.

Though the first book in this series dealt with some tough issues, this one was definitely harder to get through. Priscilla and her parents are on their way to visit Texas when their coach is attacked. Within moments, Priscilla’s life is ripped to shreds as her parents are murdered and she is brutally attacked. As such a horrendous thing happens in the first chapter of the book, this novel’s mood was definitely more subdued than Paper Roses. But at the same time, the book retained a beautiful hopefulness throughout. Priscilla and Zach’s love story is so sweet, and though the story was serious, small slivers of humor kept the book from becoming depressing. I was especially pleased to see Isabelle’s story worked out the way I suspected (and hoped!) it might. Though the author kept the scenes from being graphic, Priscilla’s experience wounded her terribly emotionally, and it’s not something I would recommend to younger readers. However, I think Scattered Petals was a beautiful story about two people who learned to love each other amid devastating circumstances.

Objectionable content: At the beginning of the book, robbers murder Priscilla’s parents and rape her. This is not, as I said, written graphically, although Priscilla’s memories haunt her- for which I don’t blame her one bit. Another man is shot, and there is one kiss at the end.

Rating: 8


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