Paper Roses

Paper Roses, Amanda Cabot, 978-0-8007-3324-7

Paper Roses
Amanda Cabot

Leaving the past behind in Philadelphia, mail-order bride Sarah Dobbs arrives in San Antonio ready to greet her groom--a man she has never met but whose letters, her paper roses, have won her heart from afar. But there is a problem--Austin Canfield is dead, and Sarah cannot go back East.

As Sarah tries to reconcile herself to a future that is drastically changed, Austin's brother Clay wants nothing more than to shake the Texas dust from his boots, but first he must find his brother's killer. And then there's Sarah.

Something is blooming out in the vast Texas landscape that neither Clay nor Sarah is ready to admit, and the promise of redemption blows like a gentle breeze through the prairie grasses.

Book 1 of the Texas Dreams series, Paper Roses will sweep you away with a tale of love, loss, and tantalizing possibilities.

I’m normally not a fan of westerns/Texas/ranch settings, but I was intrigued by the description of this book. Oh, and I can’t deny I thought the cover looked pretty : ) Anyway, I loved the setting for this book. It was not a typical "western" town at all- it was settled by a group of German and French immigrants, which delighted me excessively because it was America-meets-Europe. Just the fact that the architecture of the town’s buildings reminded Sarah of something from a fairy tale made me ready to move there. Loved it!

The plotline was also interesting, and I enjoyed it- it reminded me, a little, of Cyrano de Bergerac (one of my favorite plays!) I did not guess the villain of Paper Roses. After reading several books were the bad guy was so painfully obvious I was groaning, this one made me so happy I was ready to skip. I slightly suspected the villain at certain points, but I admit the conclusion did surprise me. Yay!!!!

I liked Sarah and Clay, but I admit my favorite characters were the brother-and-sister duo of Isabelle and Leon. Though I was saddened to learn that neither of them are the main characters of the next two books in the series, I’m hoping we’ll still get to hear more about them! I also really liked Zach, and since he’s the hero of the next book in the Texas Dreams series –Scattered Petals- I can’t wait to start reading!

Paper Roses was a delightful surprise (especially after my last trip to the library, where I checked out a pile of books that all ended up being duds.)

Objectionable content: There are some murders that have happened previously in the character’s pasts, but they are not graphically described. There are two kisses.

Rating: 8


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