The Lady of Bolton Hill

The Lady of Bolton Hill
Elizabeth Camden
Bethany House Publishers

I heard several good things about this book from various reviewers, so I decided it was definitely worth looking into. I had originally gotten a free copy of this book in e-book format several months ago, but I really dislike reading books on the computer, so after reading about a third of it I finally decided to cave in and buy a hard copy a few weeks ago.

The story of The Lady of Bolton Hill was original, but I have to say that the characters of Clara and Daniel didn’t really seem to "do" anything for me. I liked Clara, but Daniel drove me nuts until the very end. This mostly had to do with the fact that when characters are intent on revenge, I get sick of it easily, even though I know, of course, that by the end they’ll let go of this desire. I understand that this is a personal preference of mine, though, so I’m sure for some people it wouldn’t bother them.

Overall, this book was pleasant, but not spectacular. I would probably give this book a 7, except for one thing: and that, my dear friends, is a certain secondary character.

Alexander Banebridge ("Bane") was just cool. I mean, I do in general find villains fascinating, but he was just…very well done, let me say. And then -*SPOILER ALERT* the author reformed him. We always joke about reforming villains, but nobody ever actually does it! I loved that Elizabeth Camden did so. I loved it a lot *END OF SPOILER* I am supremely happy that Ms. Camden’s latest book is about Bane. I am totally reading it. He’s not the only reason this book is an 8, though: I also loved the epilogue of this book. It was great and absolutely satisfying. The ending pretty much made the entire book worth it for me : )

Objectionable content: This book deals with a few scenes of the criminal "underworld", but I didn’t find it to be too disturbing. There were a few kisses, although I admit it was a little "romanc-y" for my taste.

Rating: 8


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