To Win Her Heart

To Win Her Heart
Karen Whitmeyer
Bethany House

     For some reason I thought I had already done a review of this book. But apparently I haven't.
So here it is. Even if I did read the book/write this review three months ago!

Having completed his sentence for an unintentional crime, Levi Grant plans to start over in Spencer, Texas. Meanwhile, Eden Spencer has sworn off men, devoting her time instead to the lending library. Does this couple---the blacksmith with a criminal past and the librarian with pacifist ideals---have a fighting chance at love?

     This book was adorable. First of all, the heroine was a librarian (yay!). I've found some reviewers that found Eden to be too self righteous. I disagree. Eden is a pacifist and not. But I understood her feelings better than I thought I would. Yes, at times she did annoy me, but never for long. She learned from her mistakes quickly. At first, I was afraid that her issues when she found out about Levi's past would drag out for a while, but they didn't and for that I was extremely greatful! I thought the book brought up some good points about double standards and how our own feelings can affect how we see people and judge their past lives before they came to Christ.
     Levi was so sweet! I can't remember liking a hero so much from a modern novel in a long time! Because Levi has a speech inpediment, he doesn't talk much, and so begins communicating to Eden through letters, which I liked. Plus, he loved to read. :) I thought it was great that one of the books he and Eden discussed was Around the World in 80 Days, because I had seriously JUST finished that book when I picked this one up!

     Though this book had a little more "romance" than I like, it also had a great climax that kept me turning pages! I really enjoyed To Win Her Heart and I can't wait for Karen Whitemeyer's next book, Short Straw Bride!

Rating: 9

Objectionable content: The first half of this book was pretty clean; however the last half had quite a bit more kissing than I would have liked (about 4 or 5 kisses) and is actually the only reason I rated this book as a 9 instead of a 10. There is also a fight scene at the end, and Levi helps a teenage girl ecape from a man who had attempted to rape her.


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