Joyfully At Home

Joyfully At Home
Jasmine Baucham 
Vision Forum

"A Book For Young Ladies on Vision and Hope"

     I greatly enjoyed this book. I actually read it about a year ago, but recently picked it up off my shelf and thought it would be nice if I did a quick, short review of it.
     Jasmine Baucham is both honest and funny. So many times as she was drawing on examples from her own life I was nodding my head and smiling because so many of our feelings and struggles are the same. The introduction had me laughing because all I could think about was, "that is so me!"
     Was this book convicting? You bet! I winced just as much (if not more) than I smiled because so many things hit home.
     Joyfully at Home is one of my favorite non-fiction books, and one I highly recommend- if you buy it, make sure to write your name on the front cover, as you'll be wanting to loan it out to friends! It's a great encouragement to stay-at-home daughters and those who wish to follow the Lord wholeheartedly.

Rating: 10


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