Blue Moon Promise

Blue Moon Promise
Colleen Coble
Thomas Nelson Publishers

A love like Lucy and Jesse's only comes along once in a blue moon....
Lucy Marsh has lost everything but her determination to provide for her brother and sister. When she realizes her father was likely killed by an intruder who is now after her brother, she decides to accept a proxy marriage in order to get her siblings out of harm's way. But trouble follows her to Wichita, Texas, and nothing there is as she expected. Not the man she came to marry nor the family ties she'd hoped to find. Can it be true that real security is in letting go of her own strength and trusting in the One who is far stronger than she?

     I'm not overly fond of Westerns...and not really for any reason. They're just not my "thing". However, I did read Colleen Coble's Mercy Falls series and enjoyed them quite a bit. I was a little worried at first, since this was one of those "marriage of convenience" novels- and since the characters are already married, there aren't really any scruples against "mushy" scenes, and I find that some authors take advantage of that. 
      However, I was pleasantly surprised. There was still more kissing (about four kisses in all) than I like to read about but it wasn't overly gooey, if you know what I mean. Because the characters are married, Lucy does wonder at time if she can be a wife to Nate in the "fullest sense" of the word, of which the meaning is pretty obvious, but there wasn't anything explicit.
      The thing that did bother me was that at times the author seemed to lapse into more modern language at times. It wasn't so much the actual words that the author used, but they way she used them.  For example, one word that popped up a lot was "guys". Maybe I'm wrong- maybe they did use that word on a Texas Ranch in the 1800s. I found it a little jarring, though.
      I found the Christian theme of the book to be a good one. Lucy deals with issues of control- a character flaw I haven't found too often in fiction. If there is a character who tends to be controlling, they usually just aren't likable. Thankfully, Lucy wasn't like that. There were a few instances she annoyed me for a moment, but they passed rather quickly. If you've enjoyed novels by Colleen Coble before, you'll probably like this one. Though I'm not a fan of westerns, I am a HUGE fan of mysteries, and this novel had a nice one with some good twists. Though this wasn't my favorite book, I did enjoy it.

Rating: 7
I received this book for free from booksneeze in exchange for my honest review.


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