Bound for Glory

Bound for Glory: Celebrating the Gift of African American Spirituals through Expressive Calligraphy  -     
        By: Timothy R. Botts, Patricia Raybon

Bound For Glory
Timothy R. Botts with reflections by Patricia Raybon
Tyndale House Publishers

     I agreed to review this book not long after my sister, mother, and a few friends of ours had been given a lesson (by a wonderful lady in our church) on how to write in calligraphy. So this book, of course, warranted great interest when I saw it available on Tyndale's website.
     Inside the hardbound cover is collection of expressive calligraphy inspired by African American Spirituals. Several of these songs I'm familiar with, and I was eager to see my favorites. Though many of the color choices of the art is not really my style, and reminded me a little of the sixties-era magazines inherited from my great-grandmother, the actual writing is creative and well-done. My personal favorites were "Joshua and the Battle of Jericho", "When the Saints Come Marching In"  "Amen" and "The Blind Man".

Rating: 7

I received this book for free from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my honest review.


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