Look To the East

Look To The East
Maureen Lang

FRANCE, 1914
The small village of Briecourt may be isolated from early battles of World War I, but a century-old feud between the de Colvilles and Toussaints rages in the streets. Despite being adopted as a child, Julitte Toussaint endures the scorn of the de Colvilles more than most, given the folklore surrounding her heritage.

Then everything changes the day the German army sweeps in to occupy Briecourt, trapping a handful of outsiders behind enemy lines, including Belgian entrepreneur Charles Lassone. When Julitte discovers Charles hiding in the church basement, an unexpected and dangerous love blossoms between them.

But heroes aren’t made in cellars. Eager to join the Allied forces—and prove himself worthy of Julitte’s love—Charles convinces the de Colvilles and the Toussaints to finally work together to smuggle him out.

Yet with the life of every villager on the line, who can be trusted? And when the line between ally and enemy is blurred, will faith and courage be enough to sustain them all?

     I FINALLY got to read this book! I've been wanting to for quite some time now, ever since reading the second book of the series, Whisper on the Wind. When I reviewed that book, I mistakenly thought the books in the series were not connected character-wise. Apparently, I had just never read a good description of Look To The East! I read the back of the book and saw the name "Charles Lassone" and I was like, "That's Isa's brother!" So yes, they are connected! :)
     I really liked Look To The East- more than Whisper on the Wind (although I recently re-read the book and liked it better the second time). The character of Julitte was so sweet, and I loved her relationship with Charles! One thing that really blessed me in Look To The East was the spiritual content. Julitte's faith -and later Charles's- was so genuine, and such a part of who the character was. A lot of Christian fiction simply throws in a few prayers, a Bible reference or two, and calls it a day. The stories are harmless, but don't have much take-away value. But in Look to the East the characters truly lived their faith. I felt that throughout the story Julitte  was honestly trying to honor the Lord in whatever she was doing. The part where she gave away the eggs- oh, it would have never even crossed my mind to do that! Charles and Julitte weren't perfect by any means, but they were characters you could look up to instead of thinking about them, that was so stupid; why did you do it?, which is something that unfortunately happens a lot for me when I read fiction. Look to the East was both spiritually edifying and historically informative (I got waaay too excited when Nurse Edith Cavell appeared on the scene...another historical figure that had special meaning in our family, but I'm not going to bore you with the details :)

Rating: 10


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