Just Jane

                                                      Just Jane: 
A Daughter of England Caught in the Struggle of The American Revolution
William Lavender
Gulliver Books 

     So, the main reason I got this book is because it takes place in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War. Yes, I know I said I hardly ever find books set in SC; it was serendipity I found two on our last library trip.
    I really did enjoy this book. I found the characters very believable- they all had both good and bad points, and characters I didn't think I'd end up liking I found a new respect for. The plot was exciting and the descriptions wonderful. Every time a place I know personally was mentioned, I giggled gleefully at its significance in the War for Independence. The few references to "Swamp Fox" Francis Marion were especially appreciated. Our library has a mural dedicated to his memory and I do live on Francis Marion Circle...but I'm digressing. Sorry. I just get a little over-excited about history is all. :)
      The downside to this book was the small handful of swear words found within. Also, a character is involved with an affair with a married woman. This is not gone into in detail, and the character breaks off the ungodly relationship for moral reasons. Later, the woman in question reconciles with her husband and they work on restoring their marriage.
     All in all, I really enjoyed this look at the American Revolution through the eyes of a girl who didn't know which side to pick. It was both informative and entertaining. I'd recommend it to any teen who enjoys historical fiction; unfortunately the swear words knock down its rating a bit.

Rating: 8


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