Glorious Appearing

Glorious Appearing
Tim Lahaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

     Oh, finally! I don’t think there’s another book at the ending of a series that brings such relief and satisfaction as Glorious Appearing. It’s down to the wire during the last days of the Tribulation. By the last few chapters of the book the characters are seriously dying on every other page (but I can’t spoil it for you and say who makes it and who doesn’t!) Part of you is like “nooooooooo! You were so close!” and the other part of you knows you’re about to see them again at the end. This book has some wonderful reunions!

Rating: 8


  1. Aaaaah! The entire Left Behind series was epic and amazing!

    I loved both the kids and adult books! I just found your blog today. :) I love reading!


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